Saturday, April 10, 2004

Black Desert and Gebel az-Zuqaq

We were introduced to our guide, Mahmood and Hamada. Both of them were very friendly, but they didn't help much in introducting the place, as not fluent in English, and we didn't know Arab. But at times they would pointed to what to look out for at certain places.

After some preparation works done by our guide, we finally started the journey. The road to White Desert actually is also the road to Farafra. Here you will be able to see some of the most varied and amazing terrain in the Egypt Western Desert.

Our first sight on the way to White Desert was Black Desert. Black Desert is formed over the millenia as wind eroded the mountains and spread a fine black powder over the ground. We stopped at Gebel az-Zuqaq, where we climbed to the top to have the wider view of Black Desert. It's fantastic view.

Gebel az-Zuqaq in Black Desert

Kenji Hishikawa and Sing Wei, note the red, yellow and orange streaks limestone base of the Gebel

Black Desert

Our group at top of the Gebel


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