Friday, April 09, 2004

Belly Dancing

Belly dancing is also called Raqs Sharqi in Arab, or Oriental Dance. As we're on the budget, we decided to go to Palmyra instead. It's cheap. Cover charge was EGP 5.5 per person. I ordered a Stella (or beer) which costs only EGP 10.5. Wei Heng ordered soft drink which costs EGP 8.5. But too bad, we couldn't see belly of any belly dancers. May be it's due to religious issues.

The show didn't start until midnight. We went a bit early, and we were the first customer. What an embarassment. Anyway, the place was lively and interesting. Guests were always invited to dance and sing together. We're lucky enough that a group of Egyptian also celebrated birthday there. They had a practise of throwing money on top of the head of the dancers, be it belly dancer or when their friends danced.

And there was no less rich Egytian too. A VIP arrived late in the night. He was obviously interested in one belly dancer only. Whenever that belly dancer danced, he will held a stack of notes and put it one by one on the head of the belly dancer. A few stacks, ya! That's scary.

Birthday celebration with belly dancer

Palmyra Entrance


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