Friday, April 09, 2004

Out-of-the-World Taxi Fare

While came back from Memphis, we decided to go to Pyramids Sound and Light Show. We asked the taxi driver to drop us at Pyramids, and we will go back to hotel ourself. We thought we had finally left him, for good. Yet, after the end of the show, he showed up and wanted to bring us back! What I could say was he was really 'responsible' (to his pocket) and 'friendly'.

Backed to the hotel, guess what? The Claridge Hotel owner wanted EGP 20 from each of us! That's a ridiculous price. I argued with the owner, and finally I just paid him off with EGP 20 for all of us. Later he had some arguments with the taxi driver, I don't understand Arab, so I just didn't care.

Tip: If you really have to take a taxi, know your fare beforehand. After arriving at your destination, pay and go. Sometimes there is no point for negotiation, as long as you're not underpay.


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