Saturday, April 17, 2004

Meet Back Travel Mates Again

Finally we met back with Sing Wei and Herman at Luxor bus station. Behind was the bus that brought us to Dahab. And in Luxor, you still can see donkey carriage.

An Interesting Korean

Park Jang Tae, boyfriend of Lee Sang Hee, came to find Mando to ask Mando helps him to sell the train tickets as his schedule had change due to arrival of his girlfriend. It was interesting to see how he bargained with Mando. :) Park really travelled to a lot of places. He gave us a lot of advise when knew that we're going to Dahab and Petra.

Lunch by Mando

On the way to search for place for lunch, we met Mando, the guy that with Lee Sang Hee yesterday night. He invited us to El Salam Hotel, where he worked as cook, to have lunch. This was the first time in whole Egypt we found a place that offers Malaysia or Malay food, nasi goreng, mee goreng and etc. We ordered 2 nasi goreng and 2 cokes for EGP 15. Mando is an interesting person, although I not sure if it's true, then the Korean told us that Mando is pretty famous in Korea, due to appearance in TV.

This time he wants miniature fan

When I was in Cairo, the Claridge Hotel owner wanted to buy my mobile phone. Now in Luxor, the Oases Hotel owner wanted to buy my miniature electrical fan that I used to cool the intense heat for EGP 10. I denied and he kept haggled with me until I had to promise him to bring him one if I have friends that come to Egypt. I probably will not do that since I don't want my friends, if any of them visit Egypt, to fall into Luxor West Bank tout. Finally, he took a pen. I had prepared a few pen to 'give away' after reading somewhere about it that even a pen can make Eygptian happy.

Waiting at Oases Hotel

We backed to Oases (Oasis) Hotel by midday, as I didn't have much energy left to walk anymore. The kind hotel owner let us relaxed at hotel lobby for nearly 2 hours.

Along Corniche el-Nil

I didn't really enjoyed Luxor Corniche. I would still prefer wonderful Alexandria and picturesque Aswan. May be Luxor has too many cruise ships that blocked the view, and the weather was hot. Nevertheless, strolled along the Nile was enjoyable.

Mummification Museum

Mummification Museum located along Corniche el-Nil, along the Nile riverside. Admission is EGP 20. As usual half price if you have ISIC card. I wanted to visit this Mummification Museum although we had visited a lot of museum just because of the word 'mummy'. This museum as its name, exhibits a lot of mummies, mummification tools and some photos to show the mummification processes.

A mummified ram covered with a glided cartonnage mask. Ram was considered to be symbol of god Khnum.

Coffin and mummy of a cat, sacred animal of goddes Bastet.

Vertical section of a skull where one can see the resin used in the mummification process and the linen cloth used to fill the cavity from where the brain was removed.

Mummies of an Ibis and a baboon (in the naos), symbols of Thot, god of science and knowledge.

Even mummy of a fish!

Turned Back

Initially we thought of paying Karnak Temple Complex a visit. After all it's of grandest scale in Thebes (Luxor). But again we decided to give it a miss too with the excuse that we had been there yesterday night for Sound and Light Show. But the main reason was because I felt I was very tired and weak, and very much liked to rest.

Egyptian Hospitality

Although there were simply too much touts and scams in Egypt, but the hospitality of ordinary Egyptian people cannot be denied. Today, again, groups of kids surrounded us and kept chanted "Hello" and "Welcome to Egypt". I felt so warm.

Luxor Museum

We walked down Corniche el-Nil along the Nile towards Karnak Temple. On the way we passed thru Luxor Museum. We decided to give it a miss again. I felt that there were already simply too many museum we had visited.

Luxor Museum

Good News

We finally got in touched again with Sing Wei and Herman. To our surprise, their trip and our trip now merged again. We are going to Dahab in the same bus later in the day.

Luxor Temple

Luxor Temple was largely built by New Kingdom pharaoh Amenhotep III. We decided to view Luxor Temple from outside only, guess we were getting temple-scare. In view was first Pylon raised by Ramses II with colossal statues of Ramses II and a pink granite obelisk in front of it.

Part of Luxor Temple in Thebes, old name of Luxor.

Bus Ticket to Dahab

The first thing we did in the morning was to buy our bus tickets to Dahab later in the evening. We came yesterday night to buy the tickets but the counter had closed. The bus would depart Luxor at 5 pm and will go to Sharm el-Sheikh and Dahab. To Dahab costs EGP 100 each. The bus station actually is just a booth selling the bus tickets, and just a short distance from Luxor Temple.