Thursday, April 01, 2004

Shopping for Travel, and How Much Clothes?

With departure date days away, Wei Heng and I came out to shop for things to bring for travelling. Major item was backpack. Finally after surveying around, we settled for Takonka backpack, costs SGD $178, which is a little oversize for us, from a shop in Rochor Centre, which I accidentally knew from HardwareZone forum.

But major argument was how many clothes to bring there? As it's a 3-weeks trip, and we had no idea of washing the clothes along the way (both of us first time backpacking), so we decided to bring as more as possible. Hence the oversize backpack, and it allowed me to bring close to 20 pieces of clothes.

Also bought Lonely Planet Egypt Guide at MPH Robinson Road, they offered 20% discount on most book that Saturday. But still costed me SGD $32.76. Expensive. Most important was power adapter, as Egypt and Jordan both used 3 round-pin type power plug. If not the camera can just throw away! But it's cheap, costs just SGD $1 at ABC shop.