Tuesday, April 06, 2004

Travel Plan

Finally able to finalized the travel plan, it's a bit ambitious. Basically we tried to cover as most interesting place of Egypt and Jordan as possible, with as little money as possible.

Day 1 : Traveling to Egypt
Day 2 : Bahariyya Oases, Black and White Desert
Day 3 : Back to Cairo and straight to Alexandria
Day 4 : Alexandria
Day 5 : Cairo
Day 6 : Cairo and took night train to Aswan
Day 7 : Aswan
Day 8 : Abu Simbel then took bus to Kom Ombo and Edfu, then Luxor
Day 9 : Luxor West Bank, Valley of the Kings and Queens
Day 10 : Abydos and Luxor and took night train back to Cairo
Day 11 : St. Catherine Monastery
Day 12 : Dahab
Day 13 : Took bus to Nuweiba and to Aqaba Jordan by ferry.
Day 14 : Wadi Rum
Day 15 : Petra
Day 16 : Petra
Day 17 : Karak, Madaba and Mt. Nebo along King's Highway, and then Amman
Day 18 : Umm Qeis, Ajloun and Dead Sea
Day 19 : Jerash
Day 20 : Back to Singapore
Day 21 : Arrive in Singapore

N.B. The plan didn't workout as planned for some part. I will prepared a actual travel itinerary at the end.