Saturday, April 17, 2004

Mummification Museum

Mummification Museum located along Corniche el-Nil, along the Nile riverside. Admission is EGP 20. As usual half price if you have ISIC card. I wanted to visit this Mummification Museum although we had visited a lot of museum just because of the word 'mummy'. This museum as its name, exhibits a lot of mummies, mummification tools and some photos to show the mummification processes.

A mummified ram covered with a glided cartonnage mask. Ram was considered to be symbol of god Khnum.

Coffin and mummy of a cat, sacred animal of goddes Bastet.

Vertical section of a skull where one can see the resin used in the mummification process and the linen cloth used to fill the cavity from where the brain was removed.

Mummies of an Ibis and a baboon (in the naos), symbols of Thot, god of science and knowledge.

Even mummy of a fish!


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