Friday, April 09, 2004

The Scamed Hotel Tour's Scam

By the time we returned to the taxi from the Pyramids, it's already half past 3. The supposedly tour guide (who never brought us around) and the driver blamed us for so late, and warned us do not complain if we didn't have time in Saqqara and Memphis. Yet they never blamed themselves for wasting so much time when touted us in the morning!

The trip to Saqqara took about half an hour. Another surprise in place. We were asked to pay for the taxi entrance fee to the Saqqara compound. I thought we're on a tour? Although it's just EGP 2, but it's a cheat.

Tips: It's important to avoid the scam from the beginning. As you can see, more scam will fallen on you. From dropping you on overpriced shop, inferior quality tour to hidden costs.


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