Friday, April 09, 2004

'Friendly' Stable Scam

Instead of dropping us at the entrance to the Pyramids compound, our tour guide and taxi driver dropped us at a specific stable. They were very friendly, offered us drinks, and chatted nicely with us. The slowly they pushed us to took up their horse or camel. They started with price of USD $20 and kept dropping it until USD $8, a hefty 66% reduction.

Tips: Beware, even if you think it's cheap, once you're on those animals, they might just bring you to no where and request for more baksheesh (Arab word for tips), or simple money.

Yet, I still insisted on 'No'. We eventually walked up after an precise hour, but the tout still followed us until we got into the Pyramids compound. Scary! But the story hadn't ended here.

Later in the night we came back for Sound and Light show. Again, the stable tout was at work again, tried to convince us to took their animals to the another side of Pyramids to took perfect photos. They even suggested to let us watch the Sound and Light show from their rooftop to save us money. I was completely not interested, I never went to watch the view even though they offered it. My other partners went, and quite disappointed that the view was not nice.

At last, we walked to the ticket office, and chatted with other tourists there. Only now that the tout stopped chasing us, but he still managed to threw me some words, said I'm difficult (for him to make business). We met a nice family from France while waiting.


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