Thursday, April 08, 2004

Once in the trap, be prepared for More...

The Claridge owner had came to our room for more than 5 times. He was keen to know if we want to accept the 12-days tour of Egypt for USD
$250. The tour was exactly according to our plan, plus felluca from Aswan to Luxor, but not included admission tickets and foods. I had no intention of joining it, but Sing Wei and Herman did. He later lower the price to USD $235 if 4 of us joined.

I was not going to took the bait. I had read that it's a way of profiteering from uninformed tourists. I didn't want to bother with being dropped at their designated shops for them to earn commision at later part of the trip. After intense negotiation, Wei Heng and me finally took up trip to Giza Plateau, White Desert, Bahariya Oasis, 2 nights stay at the hotel and also application of ISIC Student Card for USD 65.

I was very tired to deal with this kind of technique. They acted very friendly, they made you felt very hard to reject their offer. To be fair, the hotel owner did treat us to a nice koshari for the dinner.


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