Thursday, April 08, 2004

Sleeping in Changi Airport

Had since long time ago heard that Changi airport is the best airport in the world for sleeping. I wanna try that out, firstly because I afraid I couldn't wake up in time for the odd 5 a.m. flight, and secondly also to save some taxi money. So I reached Changi airport by 1 a.m., hoped to utilize a facility called 'early check-in' to get into the departure lounge, to sleep, of course.

I checked on the Changi Airport website, and it said that I can check-in from 10 to 2 hours before flight departure time. What I didn't notice is, it's only applicable from 6 a.m. to 12 midnight, and it's for off-airport check-in. :( So no choice, had to sleep on chair. Not comfortable, but the airport was so quite, that even the cleaner won't disturb you.

Wee hour of early morning at Changi Airport

Finally checked in. Facilities in Changi Airport simply superb. There was free internet access, sofa with alarm clock, satellite TV and of course, rest area with sleeping chair. :) We grabbed one of these, and had just 1 hour of haste sleep.


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