Friday, April 09, 2004

Bring your ISIC Student Card

Tips: In Egypt, most admission tickets will be reduced by half if you're student, and ISIC International Student Identification Card is the most widely accepted. Every place that you go in Egypt will need an admission ticket, so you will save a lot with the student card. If you don't have, just tell your hotel.

We got our ISIC card on the way to Pyramid of Giza. I was not a student anymore, but just simply told them an university, and they didn't require any proof. The fee should be EGP 50, or USD $9, but it was included in the USD $65 we paid.

Before we came to Egypt, I had tried to get the ISIC card in Malaysia. I prepared a fake letter of certification with a photocopy letterhead, and a fake student card. I went to MSL Travel, and they're quite strict and need other proofs. I nearly got it done at STA Travel, but at the end, because the institution name didn't have the word university or university or institute, they said they could not proceed with the application.


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