Friday, April 09, 2004

Solar Barque

Solar Barque Museum

Solar Boat

Admission ticket to Solar Barque Museum costs EGP 30 (EGP 15 for ISIC). Before entering, visitors need to don protective footwear to keep sand out. Make sure you get the proper size, if not will make you walking hard.

There are several boat pits near the pyramid of Cheops, 5 to the east and 2 to the south. The designers of the pyramid complex designed it all as a port for the Netherworld. The boats would bring the pharaoh and the royal family on the eternal journey of the sun, which they embarked upon in the world beneath the surface of the world. The solar boat which now is exhibited in the Solar Boat Museum was discovered in 1954 in 1224 separate parts. It appears that the boat was deliberately dismantled. The reconstruction took 14 years, but was helped by U-shaped holes allowing for the boat to be stitched together by ropes or vegetable fibres. The boat is an impressive 43 metres long and 6 metres wide.


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