Saturday, April 10, 2004

Ahmed's Safari Camp

When we reached Bawiti, guys from Ahmed's Safari Camp picked us up. 6 persons, with 4 of us, and Jeff Hiebert from Canada, and Kenji Hishikawa from Japan. Only Kenji hadn't paid for the tour. He bought his own bus ticket to come to Bahariyya Oasis. I couldn't understand why he didn't shop around for the White Desert tour, instead he got in the van together with us to the Camp. Ended up he paid USD $50 for the tour.

Ahmed's Safari Camp was a bit away from centre of Bawiti, major town of Bahariyya Oasis. I think because of its location, it's not so popular nowadays. We didn't see any other tourists in the Camp. The heat here was a bit unbearable, so when I knew that the vehicle we going to take was non-air conditioning, you can guess what's my reaction. And the vehicle was unspectacular too, not like other 4WD that's well decorated.

The office for the Camp's owner. We waited here before starting the journey. It was very cool inside, no air-conditioning, no fan, but very cool. Superior architecture I can said. Once stepped out of the door, the heat was unbearable.

Reed Huts - the rooms in Ahmed Safari Camp

The place where we had some food, and ordinary wash room.


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