Monday, April 12, 2004

Train to Alexandria

We got off very early in order to catch early train to Alexandria. Initially we planned to stay overnight, but because of time constraint, we decided to make it a day trip instead. The plan should works, and worked, but not without problem (will detailed later in other post).

Ramses train station is located at Midan Ramses. To get to there, take Metro to Mubarak station. Once there, we purchased the ticket to Alexandria for EGP 13 (discounted price with ISIC card) for 2nd class with air-cond train. As still had a little time left, we also purchase train tickets to Aswan on tomorrow night. The tickets had to be purchased at another counter, it was a bit troublesome.

Train that took us to Alexandria, in about 2 hours plus. The train was very comfortable, and fast. Before arrived at Masr station, the train made a short stop at Sidi Gaber station, which is a bit way out of town.

Tip: It's always advisable and smart to book ahead. We didn't as we thought it's too plenty of trains that ply between Alexandria and Cairo, ended up nearly unable to get back to Cairo. (Will detailed in post follows soon)


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