Sunday, April 11, 2004

Farewell with Kenji

Kenji brought us to Safari Hotel. There were a lot of twist and turn along the way, I really respected him to able to recognize the road in the night. The Safari Hotel was completely patronized by Japanese only. He introduced almost everyone in the hotel to us, and Wei Heng and I were the only non-Japanese there.

We had a delicious dinner with Kenji later in the night. The dishes above were ordered, and paid by Kenji! (Later I did pay him back a little, as he didn't want to accept much). Actually it was very common food in Egypt.

Later in the night I sent Kenji to Turgoman bus station. He was to take the bus to Sharm el-Sheikh. He was a very friendly guy, I think he was very happy to meet with us too, as he said as travel alone, sometimes he felt lonely too. So met with us did make him felt more comfortable. But he was going to be alone again. He told us where he planned to stay in Sharm el-Sheikh, that's Youth Hostel, and hoped that we can joined him there. But too bad, we're going to Dahab instead.

After bided farewell to Kenji, I just noticed that Wei Heng and I now had to stand on our own foot already, as all friends that we met along the way so far, had went their own way... A big challenge ahead.


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