Sunday, April 11, 2004

First Taste of Cairo Metro

The bus from Bahariyya Oasis dropped us off Pyramid Road. This was not a bus station. I became nervous as I had no idea where were we now. Sing Wei and Herman decided to take a taxi to back to their hotel. They would continue their package tour. And we also didn't want to back to the previous hotel anymore. Jeff was not with us as he would travel to Farafra Oasis instead.

Kenji studied the map for a while and finally we can located where were we. And there should be a Metro station nearby. So Kenji, Wen Heng and me decided to take Metro to back to Cairo downtown, where Kenji would bring us to the hotel he stayed before, Safari Hotel. The hotel costs only EGP 8 per night.

It seemed weird that most Egyptian didn't actually understand what is Metro, despite every Metro station in Cairo has a big M to indicate the Metro station. And I had no chance to ask what's the big M at Metro station actually meant too. Anyway, after some body language and explanation by book, we were able to find our way to the El-Giza Metro station to go to Nasser Metro station.

The Metro was dirt cheap. Each ticket costs only EGP 0.75, no matter how far you travel. The station and the train were also very clean, and efficient, it served every couple of minutes. And to transit to another train, one no need to exit from train platform, buy another ticket, and go to board another train again. Here just followed the sign board (point to the line's last destination station, so make sure you get your way right, as at some station, it's not possible to cross platform), and you can get to your transit train. This really put Malaysia's LRT system to shame! By the way, they also has carriage specially for women, but make sure you board the right one.


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