Saturday, April 10, 2004

Campfire in the Desert

After the dinner, it was getting a bit bored. Just imagine, in the desert, no electricity, no treated water, no toilet, no wash room, no human (supposed to, but a lot of tourist), no tv, no computer.... That's completely different from my daily lifestyle. However, for the few moments in my life, I was able to see such a clear sky and felt so relaxed.

Later the guides were chasing us to a nearby camp to join them in their campfire. So we joined 2 doctor couples from Germany. There they played music, sang and danced. It's a very wondeful experience.

Everybody sat around the camp fire

The 2 guides we met during the way to White Desert performed some Arab music using traditional musical instruments

Our guide was pretty good in desert dancing, but he just kept inviting those girls to join him!

After the campfire, I wasn't able to fall into sleep. It was not actually very cold at night, and I was also very much like to feel the White Desert at night and the beautiful night sky.


Blogger thaianvu said...

Wow! That really sounds great!! I envy you a little bit! I think that´s a great experience you´re making for life!

4/12/2005 05:40:00 PM  

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