Monday, April 12, 2004

Midan (Mahattat) Ramla and Tram

Mahattat Ramla is the main tram station for Alexandria, and is adjacent to Midan Saad Zaghloul. From here, lime-yellow colored trams go west, and blue colored trams go east. Like Cairo Metro, some of the trams have carriage that reserved for women only, so beware to avoid embarrassment.

At Mahattat Ramla tram station, with a tram in the background.

We met a very nice couple with their child at Midan Ramla tram station. Mohammed Salama was very kind, and taught us which tram to take in order to get to Fort Qaitbey. He even paid the tram fare for us, and invited us to his shop for eating. Their English was not so good, and we had a hard time tried to understand them. At last, they asked us to help them, but I really couldn't understand how to help, may be baksheesh again?


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