Monday, April 12, 2004

Graeco-Roman Museum

Entrance ticket costs EGP 16 (EGP 8 for student), it has huge collection of valuable relics dating from as early as 3rd century BC.

Carved head of Alexander the Great. What else to look out for at the city built by Alexander the Great?

Giant Apis bull found at the Serapeum

Statue of Falcon which was the sign of the Roman Empire

There are a lot of mummies in Egypt, not just the royal mummies in Cairo museum. Here is Mummy of a Roman soldier.

Gilded mummy of a man from roman period, found at Siwa (Marsa-Matrouh) decorated with local gods of the site: the two bulls the Menopis and Serapis, around the head a wearth of grapes.

Even animal had been mummified, for example this crocodile mummy, which would have been carried in processions devoted to Sobek.

Statue of the Roman Emperor Marcus Orilius, depicting him standing clad in military imperial attire and glancing distractedly. Inexplicably a cross carved on the white marble statue. Found under the present site of Sayed Darwish theatre.

Mosaic depicts a huge sceen of group of men crowd to watch a dancer , also there is scene of the Nile Source and fishing .

Ok ok, before you getting bored, I better stop here. For those who really interested about the collection there, Graeco-Roman Museum website has a lot of information.

This is the Graeco-Roman Museum front view.


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