Friday, April 16, 2004

Bicycle Renting Scam

We rented 2 bicycles for EGP 5 each. It was very cheap, and without hesitation we decided to rent it. We paid him EGP 50, but to our surprise, we just gave back the change of EGP 35. Guess what? The EGP 5 was for the bicycles' locks! After haggled with him, he decided to gave back additional EGP 2.

Lesson learnt was always paid exact amount to him, and asked clearly about other charges. Besides, checked the bicycle properly as we later found out that one of our bicycle was not so smooth in cycling. Anyway, the shop was the only one opened in the early morning on our way to the jetty, and the shop owner was quite friendly too. You can find more shops on the West Bank.


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