Friday, April 16, 2004

Bicycle on the Luxor West Bank

We went out in the early morning, and went straight to the West Bank. I was a little bit felt sorry to the Oasis Hotel owner as had to lie to him. We decided to rent bicycles to travel around West Bank.

Baladi ferry is the fastest way to cross the Nile to the West Bank. Bicycle can be brought with no extra charge. It was a bit hard to bring the bicycles to the ferry, as there were quite a lot of staircases. Anyway, there was always people offering to help, but most likely they will ask for tips after helping. We paid EGP 2 each for the return trip. We should have paid only one-way, and pay again when back. Luckily the guy wrote us a paper that we didn't understand what it's, as it's in Arabic. But the paper note usable, and we're not been charged again when wanted to back to East Bank. So make sure you get one if you're been ordered to pay for return trip.


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