Thursday, April 15, 2004

Oasis Hotel and Tout

As predicted, once we stepped down of the train, there were a lot of touts surrounding us to get us to their hotel. One of them even knew where we stayed in Aswan, obviously the Marwa Hotel some what got information exchange with the guy. This guy was actually from Grand Hotel, which Marwa Hotel introduced to us too. And we're actually intended to stay there too! But this guy was really spoilt my mood.

Anyway, we still headed to Grand Hotel. On the way, Oasis Hotel owner saw us and offered us EGP 10 per room per night. At Grand Hotel, I saw that guy again. I couldn't stopped wondering what would happened if he didn't act aggressively at the train station just now. We would have followed him! I was just too scare to fall into another scam again, so I tried to avoid as many touts as possible.

But we still didn't manage to stay at Grand Hotel at the end. Just about we wanted to step into Grand Hotel, the light went off. Wei Heng said it looked no good. So we headed back to Oasis Hotel which we saw still got electricity. Anyway, few minutes later, the electricity was backed, but we were not going back to Grand Hotel anymore.

As usual, Oasis Hotel owner also pushed us to take out West Bank tour with him. 3 of us just said that we're too tired and lied him that we're going to stay around Luxor the next day. Only then we had a good rest.


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