Thursday, April 15, 2004

What you pay is what you get!

We paid EGP 50 each for the trip to Abu Simbel, Aswan High Dam, Philae Island and and Unfinished Obelisk. It was considered cheap, but with few downsides.

1. No air-cond. This was the worst, as the weather there during the time was hot, really hot, with hot air.
2. No tour guide. We were dropped at the place and left to walk around.
3. Slow. The vehicle was far inferior than the big buses that other tourists took. Ended up we arrived much later, and had to squeezed with other tourists.
4. Skipped itinerary. The van driver encouraged us to skip the unfinished obelisk, by saying it was unattractive. Ended up most of the tourists decided not to visit it, so we had to joined the crowd.
5. Normal lunch. Still ok as we were very hungry. :)
6. All not inclusive. You will be surprised that everything is not included, other than the bring you there. Everything else, pay yourself.

It seemed like it's the case if you book the tour from those budget hotels. Not sure of the price for those 'higher-end' tour package though.


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