Thursday, April 15, 2004

Temple of Hathor

Temple of Hathor is dedicated to Queen Nefertari, wife of Ramses II. Rock cut facade contains 6 massive standing statues, of which 4 represent Ramses and 2 represent Nefertari. What unusual here is statue of Nefertari is same height with statue of Ramses. Other smaller figures are of Ramessid princes and pricesses.

Giant statues of Ramses and Nefertari. Notice that legs which are in walking style. Most likely the temple was built when the King and Queen where still alive.

Inside the hall of the Temple of Hathor, 6 pillars are crowned with Hathor capitals and its walls are adorned with beautiful reliefs which depict Nefertari before Hathor and Mut, Nefertari honouring Ramses, and Ramses being valiant and victorious.

Rliefs on the wall

Another beautiful reliefs


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