Monday, April 12, 2004

Bibliotheca Alexandrina

In ancient Alexandria, there used to be the Royal Library of Alexandria, which was once the largest in the world. Bibliotheca Alexandrina was built both for commemoration of the Library of Alexandria that was lost in antiquity and an attempt to rekindle something of the brilliance that this earlier center of study and erudition represented.

We didn't know it's a public holiday in Egypt, so the library was actually closed. The guard at the Bibliotheca Alexandrina was very kind. After knew that we would be going back to Cairo later, he allowed us to go inside the library to have a look, without charge! This must be the most cultural place in the whole Egypt. Although we're just allowed to just the lobby, and it's not well lit, but nevertheless, the library was very grand!

Exterior of Bibliotheca Alexandrina

Statue of Alexander the Great at Bibliotheca Alexandrina


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