Monday, April 12, 2004

Alexandria (Al-Iskendariyya) - City of Alexander the Great

Alexandria is a very beautiful city. It is often said to be the greatest history city with the least to show. It was founded by Alexander the Great, yet it bears no trace of him; it's the site of one of the ancient Seven Wonders, but there is nothing remaining; it was ruled by Cleopatra and was the rival of Rome, but now its people is struggling to make a living.

But anyhow I like the city. There were a lot of kids saying simply Hello, although some of them did ask for money, but the tout and hassle was considerably less than Cairo. The scenery here is superb, with great waterfront and the people here is much more friendly than in Cairo.

View of Alexandria along the Corniche and fishing boat at the Eastern Harbour, which almost closed by two spindly promontories.

Alexandria by the Bay, along waterfront Corniche

Beautiful building in Alexandria

A nice sculpture near the Bibliotheca Alexandrina


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