Tuesday, April 13, 2004


I asked Kenji, the guy who we met in White Desert, of how long he took while at Egyptian Museum.

He said, "about 30 minutes."

"You must be crazy."

"No, I just visited the mask of Tutankhamen only." He said.

That's the craze the people had about Tutankhamun, especially among Japanese I met. In our room (we slept in dorm) in Safari Hotel, the Japanese there even put up a portrait of Tutankhamun mask and declared him as a God.

Tutankhamun, then son of Akhenaten by a minor wife, actually ruled relatively brief for 9 years (1336 - 1327 BC) and died young, without great battles and buildings to his credit. Hence, when Tutankhamun tomb was discovered in 1922 with tones of priceless treasures, it was overly celebrated and publicized. Nevertheless, the treasures, although may be as much as 80% were intended for Tutankhamun's predecessors, Akhenaten and Smenkhkare, were easily shined the brightest.

The Gold Mask of Tutankhamon

The third and innermost of three anthropoid coffins of Tutankhamen


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