Tuesday, April 13, 2004

Get to Islamic Cairo

Time was running out and we had to rush through Coptic Cairo in a glance. Our next destination was Islamic Cairo. To got to there, we took Metro again to Ataba station, and then headed to Islamic Cairo from there, along Sharia Al-Azhar. Islamic Cairo was about 1 km away. Actually it was quite suffering too tried to squeeze so many destinations in such a short span of time.

When I first arrived there, I felt a bit nervous, for the word "Islamic". What if the whole area is was full of fundamentalists? Anyway, the Islamic Cairo is just a important home to Egypt's most important mosque and most important shrine, and just like every part of Egypt and Cairo. And it appeared that I was more scare of those taxi drivers who kept asking whether want to take their taxi or not. Besides, the attire needs to be proper and dress less sexy.


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