Tuesday, April 13, 2004

Coptic Cairo

After a brief lunch at McDonald's (Yes, there are McDonald's in Cairo and Alexandria, also KFC too), we headed to Coptic Cairo by Metro. Coptic Cairo is just right beside Mar Girgis Metro station, and I think it must be the easiest place to get to in Cairo. Most of the churches in Coptic Cair are free admission, but some do accept donation.

Coptic Cairo is part of Old Cairo, or Masr al-Qadima, which incorporates then entire area south of Garden City down to the Coptic Cairo quarter, and is the heartland of Egypt's Coptic community. early in the 2nd AD the Romans established a fortress here, called Babylon-in-Egypt. The name Babylon is most likely a Roman corruption of 'Per-hapi-en-on' or 'Estate of the Nile God at On', a Pharaonic name for what was the former port of On (ancient Heliopolis).

Narrow cobbled alleyways running between high stone wall at Coptic Cairo, linking the churches. Coptic Cairo feels quite similar to parts of Jerusalem's Old City.


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