Tuesday, April 20, 2004

Slow Ferry really Slowwww.......

Yesterday, we called the Nuweiba port ferry ticket office to check the departure time of the ferry from Nuweiba Egypt to Aqaba Jordan, we were told it's on 11 am and 12 pm for slow and catamaran (fast ferry). When we reached there, the ticket officer told us it's actually on 12 pm and 3 pm. Guess what, we thought the slower ferry should arrive about the same time with the fast catamaran as there was 3 hours gap. And it's cheaper too at USD $32 each. But it's not case. The slow ferry only departed on 2 pm! 2 hours late. And half way we can saw the fast catamaran sailed passed us.

The slow ferry carried almost everything, and it spent a lot of time loading these lorries, thus the delay.

There supposed to be a few classes of 'cabins' on the ferry. But I am not sure, because we only been asked to pay 1 price, and that's USD $32. We walked all over the ferry, virtually nobody care about our class of tickets. So we settled ourselves into this air-conditioning lounge. Here Chris from England came to join us, as we're the few foreign faces on the ferry. Beside, we also met a German guy who paid a tour agent to arrange for him. He was not happy with the arrangement, including the promised 'high speed catamaran', but ended up together on the same ferry with us.

On the roof of the ferry there was a canteen, and a lot of Arabs and Africans that seated themselves here. Basically there is few things to buy here.

The ferry we took. There was Jordan immigration on the ship where we'd submitted our passports to them, only to re-took our passports at Aqaba immigration. We also left the ferry first with other tourists before others did, so there were only few of us who took the bus that brought us from the Aqaba port to the immigration building. Here we met another nice guy from Canada Tim. So you can guess also that at the Jordan immigration, only few of us occupied all the counter.

Tip: There is money changer on the ferry itself. The rate is about the same you can get in Jordan.

Tip: Nobody will tell you that you need to submit the passport to the Jordan immigration ON the ferry. So keep a lookout. Anyway it's of no harm if you don't manage to submit it. Just wait a little while longer at Aqaba customs.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

i will like to visit jordan from egypt by next week , what aregoing to face inthe ferry hope no anyproblems they, and how long it will take to get to jordan from nuwebar

7/27/2008 07:43:00 PM  

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