Tuesday, April 20, 2004

Service Taxi to Nuweiba

We had searched for service taxi to Nuweiba yesterday night. We agreed to pay the driver EGP 30 each, as was the only person who approached us. The agreed price was for 4 person, and when Julia decided to join us, we still needed to pay the same price! Anyway, be it 4 or 5 person, the price was expensive in a non air-conditioned car.

Actually there suppose to be bus to Nuweiba in the morning, but afraid that we might not be able to catch the ferry to Jordan in time, we decided to pay more for the service taxi. To be fair, the taxi driver was responsible. He brought us to the Nuweiba port ticket office first to buy the ferry tickets. After that we boarded the taxi again, and he drove us to the entrance of the port. The distance was not that far, but anyhow it's nice that at least they did what they said, and brought us right to the Nuweiba port, without the need for us to turn back to buy the ferry tickets again.

It was a small taxi, so as usual, big luggages went to the top.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi. I like your blog. I would like to qsk you how long it took you to get from Cairo to Nuweiba by taxi. Thanks

2/03/2010 10:05:00 PM  

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