Monday, April 19, 2004

At Mt Sinai Summit

We reached the summit of Mt Sinai at about 4 am, after 3 hours of long hard hike. It was very cold at the top. To make matter worse, the wind was very strong. This made me couldn't get any rest. But arrived the summit early did have an advantage. We can scouted around for better position to view the sunrise, although initially we were not sure which direction is it. But it's better than to squeeze with lots of tourists that continued to flood the summit right until dawn.

Mt Sinai summit packed with people, and made me very uncomfortable with strong cold wind.

Tip: If you get cold, there are people who is renting blanket for EGP 10 each. Expensive!

Christians, Muslims and Jews believe that God delivered its Ten Commandments to the Moses at Mt Sinai summit. So there were a lot of faithful who sang, prayed and, as in this photo, read the bible, loudly!


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