Sunday, April 18, 2004

Laid Back and Relax in Dahab

Actually there was nothing much to do in Dahab other than swimming, snorkeling and diving. So I really had a relaxed day in Dahab, just strolling along the beach of Red Sea. The most regrettable decision that I made was to not snorkeling today, to save some energy for the Mount Sinai hike later in the night. Eventually I didn't have any energy at all after came back from Mt Sinai.

Herman and Wei Heng at beach front of Dahab

While strolled along Dahab beach, we met Teresa Kwan from Hong Kong. Just imagined can speak Cantonese in Egypt! But she was interesting girl, came to our room a few times just for chatting. One time even wanted to sell us her unused film, as she was returning to Hong Kong soon. But nobody used film camera! Eventually Herman bought from her for EGP 10. She brought us to here, Jays Restaurant, to have a drink. It's very nice atmosphere.


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