Wednesday, April 14, 2004

Aswan Museum

Yes, museum again. I guess you should more surprise if a country with at least 5000 years of history doesn't have much museum. But I still felt that I had a bit burnt 0ut with so many museum. Obviously in such a short span of time, I wouldn't be able to slowly appreciate the priceless treasures in so many museums. Anyway, we still came to Aswan Museum, which charges admission fee of EGP 10 (EGP 5 for ISIC). The museum doesn't have too much things to see, but Ruins of Abu is definitely worth a visit.

A small sarcophagus of pottery contains a mummy of child wrapped in layers of linen.

An ancient granite. The Egyptian believe that the gift displayed on its flat surface would be magically transformed into real food and drink that could be enjoyed in perpetuity of the god.

Aswan Museum


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